Alien & Turtle


After getting a little lost in classical drawing and painting for 3 years, I’ve finally emerged out of the rabbit hole to find myself back in Singapore. What then happened was what a few of us have been calling “The Florence Academy of Art hangover”, which lasted for about 6 months. The beast called The Hangover is really that whole period where you’re really just sitting there feeling both restless and exhausted while wondering “what the fuck should I do with all the stuff I know now?” So I’ve got illustration and fine art, and I still occasionally pine for stop motion. Why was I even thinking about them as separate entities like creepy exes stalking me home every night? I should just be polygamous with them.

With that decision made, I moved into a new studio and co-started a company with Sarah-Tabea Sammel, where I get to do ALL the things. And so Alien & Turtle was born!


Alien & Turtle is an artist collaborative between Sarah-Tabea Sammel and myself (The Bit Bin). We illuminate stories, be it on the screen, page, walls or your face. or your sweet puppy corgi’s face. HOWEVER AND WHERE-EVER, you get the gist. Find out more about us here! 

The Bit Bin will still be here, and now that I’m back out of The Hangover, keep a lookout for new works.


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