Updates and going-on’s: Playmoolah

This is actually really old news, but I’ve just been so busy with work and things that I haven’t really had a chance to update my portfolio or blog over the last couple of months. My main site’s been sorely un-updated for what, a year now? Tardy, tardy behaviour, Sara. But it’s a good sign, means I’m still getting fed. So, for the sake of records, I’ll be posting up things I’ve been working on lately – the commercial work, not the personal work. Well, maybe some personal work. But I’ve got some time on my hands these days, so I should do this. First of all, Playmoolah!

I’ve been working at Playmoolah since September last year, with the merry band of child-loving strangelings working really hard to come up with a sort of play tool that basically teaches children about financial literacy. I don’t do it enough justice with my description, and I’d rather show it than talk about it.

The Home page

So, I’ve been the illustrator at Playmoolah since September, and I’ve been busy creating and drawing all the characters, avatars, screens, UIs, sets… planets… houses.. buttons.. things. I didn’t work on Coin Catcher though, which is their iPad spin-off game. I don’t think I’ve ever made so many assets for a …thing… before! Which made it a pretty new and exciting experience. And drawing cute things, that’s new to me too. It was a constant struggle of figuring out what was cute and not too weird to the general public… a much tricker exercise than I’d initially thought.

Goal setting

“Earn” World

I’m currently working on more features and publicity things with Playmoolah, among other things. Have a look at the Playmoolah site if you’re curious, it’s all at www.playmoolah.com 

Next on updates: some secret trading card game work that I’ve just been allowed to talk about, and the exciting new Stick and Balloon game, Tembusu Bemused: the Tree Chapter 



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