Walking with Madrugo

Seems as though every time I’m back in Copenhagen, I make it a point to do some sort of personal project. The last time I was back here was in Spring, and now I’ve returned at the changing of the seasons once more to spend some time with a certain Hare. I had the initial idea to do a photo project here (a first attempt, really) which involved geometry, humans and the divine space in between. That one’s still in the making, but somewhere in the middle I got an idea about a wanderer character who would walk around with a sort of umbrella halo. And so “Madrugo” was created. Why Madrugo? I don’t really know, like all the characters I’ve ever named, the words pop into my head in the midst of thinking about them even when I don’t mean to name them, so that must be respected. This one wanted to be called Madrugo. Walking with Madrugo is the 1st part of 2 photo series that I’ve done here in the last 2 months, and they’re meant to be part of a larger project with the Hare. More updates about that to come. Till then, enjoy the walk with Madrugo.


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