Dr. Sketchy – June sketches

It feels like a long time since I’ve done some proper sit-down-with-a-model sort of life drawing… and thanks to the discovery of Dr. Sketchy here on the island, I’ve finally gotten some life drawing time today! And not just any old model – cabaret ladies and stuff. mmm =) with weird prizes like cabbages and diapers. Anyway, here’re the sketches from today – they’re all done with the brush pen.


Drawing with your non-dominant hand competition. So we all tried drawing with our other hand (that meant the left for me) and it turned out to be incredibly exhilarating! It made me see the model differently, forced me to make different decisions and taught me how important the general arm movement is (and how sensitive it can get!) It was as though I was drawing with only my upper arm. anyway, I got some clothes pegs as a prize for this one (the picture above) heh.

what an awkward expression. I definitely need to work on that.

…and the whip came out, and some clothes were ripped off for the last pose


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