Chapter 2: The Shaman, of the Little Dreamer by Anila Angin

So I’ve decided that I’m only going to post illustrations from the Little Dreamer whenever the entire Chapter’s out! Then you’ll knowthat the full chapter’s been released =D This time it’s the 2nd chapter in the book, called The Shaman. Here’s an excerpt:

Musingly, the shaman went on, “It cannot be helped of course. It is part of the strangeness of human nature to be always looking outside ourselves for answers. Did you know, after the City of Dreams was swallowed by the earth, people began to live differently.

“You will notice that it is the habit of most of us to look for different things to worship: idols, gods, goddesses, even other people. We elevate the priests, shamans, gurus, kings and queens. Nothing pleases us more than to bow before someone we deem better, holier, richer or cleverer than ourselves.

“I suppose,” she said a little distractedly, “that some might say it is proof of the human’s desire for perfection, that we are always so eager to worship, to esteem something that embodies that perfection for us.

“But the worst thing that happened after the City of Dreams disappeared was when we began to believe that the gods and beings we bowed before were so perfect, we could never, not even in our wildest dreams, ever aspire to be like them. We believed the lie that we are unworthy mortals, and so behaved like sheep in want of a shepherd. We are only too happy to give away our power to the things we worship.

“And more than that, we are always eager to take the opinions of others as the touchstone for our own ideas about things. If someone is declared to be a genius, we will smile and nod and clap and try our very best to see his brilliance, even if he is the world’s greatest fool. We are quick to embrace the world’s opinion, without looking into our hearts to see if it shares the same sentiments.”

Read the entire chapter here!


Chapter 2 Card: The Shaman


Chapter 2: The Shaman and Zayoni


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