Croquis from Bristol

So the last couple of weeks weren’t just about animation; we had some life drawing classes (every thursday), which usually consisted of poses that lasted from 30 secs – 2 mins. It’s been 2 years since The Drawing Academy in Viborg, and I’ve definitely gotten rusty, but we focused so much on composition, story and movement this time that it opened up a new inspiring way of drawing for me…it’s almost like drawing a puppet moving in real time.  I still hear Mads Peter and Iben’s voice screaming “COM-PO-SI-TION!!!” till this day, more so than ever during the life drawing sessions we’ve been having here at Bristol.


7 thoughts on “Croquis from Bristol

  1. Gor says:

    Hey sis! nice one. Donno if I’ve not been seeing you draw for very long time but ur lines are getting simplier isn’t it? Love the 3rd piece.

  2. Gor says:

    I’m taking drawing classes now too! Man… without good drawing, the animation just cannot be pushed further. Have fun dear! I miss you and the girls so much already.

    1. raaballoon says:

      I completely agree! Animation and drawing are so related no matter what medium you’re animating in =) Then again it’s a whole family of related arts… animation, drawing, music, dancing, writing..they’re all incredibly intertwined.

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