Week 4: Walking

So Week 3 was about puppet making, and I didn’t take enough photos of the whole thing.. since I sort of fell out of the habit of taking photos of anything at all. Didn’t get to finish our puppets though, and I hope we get to do it at some point. But anyway, this week was walk cycles. It’s the first time we’re playing with our puppets, and they’re dear old ball-and-socket ones… and we’re using magnets rather than tie-downs. It took a bit of getting used to, working with magnets, but it wasn’t too bad once I got the hang of it… they’re really good for walks. This week was pretty tiring because of the amount of focus we had to put in, and it’s only going to get more challenging from now on… but it’s goddamn fun anyway, and it sure brings out the ocd in a person.

The Deflated/Drunk Walk

Okay, I admit. I was going with the flow on this one, and it was inspired by my floppy hangover walk. He’s kind of rag-dolly here, but it was fun to do =)

The Star

This was done on the morning of the crit, probably the fastest I’ve ever animated a puppet on ones, I think. It’s a little dangerous though, because I’ve gotten so used to the feeling of working in one’s that working in two’s requires a bit of a mind -shift now. I attempted a walk cycle in two’s but it ended up moving really slowly because I was gauging the frames in one’s.


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