The bit blog is now Feedable!

So now I’ve gotten this funky new email subscription thing for this blog, just to see what happens, mostly. If you’d like to receive updates and new drawings (or my spammy writings) in your inbox, please click the little thingy right at the top of the side bar ——————->
and you’ll be able to subscribe =) .. or you could just rss this blog if you prefer.
If you’ve ever visited my main site, you’ll know that it’s not been updated in a while.. because it’s really just so much easier to update things with a blog =) But okay, no excuses now, I’ll put all these things together soon and update my poor neglected main site: ..!
And I’ll not be able to post too many drawings in a while because I’m currently working on a stack of illustrations for a really yummy lovely book that’s due to appear in November. I’m still not allowed to speak the name of the book or the author at the moment, so keep watching! (ie. SUBSCRIBE >=D )


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